Driving Digital Transformation

Technology innovation is happening at a faster pace than ever before and its impact on the environment and ever greater segments of the world's population is unlike anything ever seen.

DEC aims to anticipate the far-reaching consequences of technology-driven innovation promoting digital transformation for peace, progress and sustainable development.

DEC experts assess key benefits and challenges related to the digital revolution in all key sectors. They join forces to formulate recommendations, foster collaboration and drive change as today's globally interconnected and interdependent economies embrace game-changing innovation and face the relentless diffusion of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, 3D Printing and Self-Driving Cars.

DEC community initiatives are supported by the Sustainability Summit Working Groups activated by Wise Media and focusing on technology innovation in key industry sectors and across today's societies: 

  Future Cities
  Finance Transparency Forum
  HealthTech Innovation
  Automotive Innovation
  Electronics Day

The DEC community's efforts are aimed at responding to urgent and fundamental questions:

In the era Artificial Intelligence

Who is driving the digital revolution in the era of Artificial Intelligence? How far reaching is the progress and how deep the transformation it promises to bring to the digital society? Will economies suffer or thrive because of transformation brought about by AI? Are we ready to ride its wave and face its challenges?
AI in Healthcare, Transportation, Finance, Education, Security, Defense, Labor, Space, Entertainment... what are its pros and cons from a societal standpoint?
What does it mean to protect our citizens' identity, privacy and freedom of choice in the era of Artificial Intelligence?

Disruptive technologies

  • from Big Data to Internet of Things
  • from Robotics to Industry 4.0
  • from Blockchain to 3D printing

Digital Transformation engages all sectors of today's economy, disrupting many established businesses and creating new avenues for growth. It spans across all aspects of human interaction and reshapes the horizons of business-to-consumer and government-to-citizen relations. How can new technologies coming of age help our economies become more sustainable and inclusive? How can we avoid that new technology-driven scenarios surprise us with unwanted and irreversible consequences? What is the best approach to investing in technology infrastructures?

Driving digital transformation

Staying abreast of the technology-driven changes that affect all areas of today's economy means understanding the evolution of hardware, software and systems.
It begins on one hand with the science of materials applied to electronics manufacturing, while on the other it encompasses the powerful algorithms and user-friendly applications that empower us with unprecedented opportunities. Establishing broadband communications is a prerequisite for a country's economic competitiveness. Shifting hardware and software to the cloud enables organizations to reduce their IT infrastructure costs, while at the same time increasing digital security and simplifying compliance with ever-increasing regulatory requirements. How can governments and organizations embrace change so that the digital society becomes a better place to live in, our economies thrive and our civilization achieves resilience in the face of natural and man-made disasters?

DEC is the think-tank called to action to design a strategic roadmap of investments, policy formulation and technology development as we embrace the full power of digital technologies to reinvent processes, products and services. Together, we can create a strong and collaborative digital economy that can help our societies stay a step ahead of all types of challenges.



Future Cities
Finance Transparency Forum
HealthTech Innovation
Automotive Innovation
Electronics Day


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