A year-long congress for those driving the digital revolution

Digital transformation for peace, progress and sustainable development – the debate is open. DEC community members work together throughout the year and gather on the occasion of Sustainability Summit events and conferences recommended for DEC Summit activities.

DEC calendar of appointments

Hadrian Media's DEC Team is preparing a calendar of recommended activities and invites DEC community members to join the debate in:

  • AI Talent Hackathon, 15 February 2020
    On the occasion of Sustainability Summit
  • Las Vegas (USA), 6-7 January 2020
    On the occasion of CES

  • Cannes (France), 26-27 November 2019
    On the occasion of Trustech
  • Bruxelles (Belgium), 8-9 April 2019.
    On the occasion of the 9th Sustainability Summit
    Endorsed by the European Commission


  • Abu Dhabi (UAE), 16-17 December
    On the occasion of the Sustainability Summit


Discussions will build on the multifaceted exchanges as well as bilateral and inter-regional meetings held by DEC community members, in particular on the occasion of the Digital Economy Conference organized by Wise Media. See final report, Agenda, Speakers.

To receive updates about events recommended by DEC Summit, contact info@decsummit.com

Preparing for a new debate for DEC BLOGS 2020

The broader community of DEC followers is engaged year-long in DEC media initiatives supported by the Sustainability Summit Special Interest Working Groups as per official Sustainability Summit and DEC Newsletters. After the lauch of Wise Media's "Call to action in the era of AI", DEC Summit is preparing new focus groups on the topic areas of "Green manufacturing and circular economy", "Cleaning up the seas and recycling plastic" and "Innovating with ICT to save energy". Contributions are welcome:


Join the debate as a speaker, publish DEC papers and DEC statements

DEC is promoted internationally as a Sustainability Summit initiative part of Wise Media’s family of events and enjoys the active support of Sustainable Development Magazine and DEC Press reporters as official media partners.

  • DEC BLOGS and DEC Call for Papers:
    submit applications in response to our call for papers to sd@hadrianmedia.net
    candidate speakers please contact dec.conference@wisemedia.com
  • DEC official media (print and digital): authors please contact media@decpress.com
  • DEC video initiatives: contributors please contact decvoices@decpress.com


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