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Multi-disciplinary talks promoted as DEC initiatives feed into a comprehensive think-tank via Wise Media's multi-channel media platform created to monitor the ongoing digital revolution.

Digital transformation for peace, progress and sustainable development
What must be addressed? What can be done, how, and involving whom?

If the 21st century will be an era of triumph or tragedy much depends on our ability to face and tackle global challenges such as climate change and other natural or man-made hazards, while creating a sustainable and inclusive economy in the era of Artificial Intelligence. DEC addresses these topics through knowledge sharing among international experts on Digital Transformation.

Call to action in the era of AI

From Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Augmented Reality and Blockchain; from the science of materials and Industry 4.0 to 3D Printing and Robotics: numerous disruptive innovations are reshaping the technology landscape, business environment and the everyday world we live in.
As AI is set to transform the outlook of our economies, Sustainability Summit Working Groups initiated the debate at the crossroads of science, technology, economy, sociology and psychology that is now at the heart of DEC.

International, open and cross-sector initiatives see DEC community members engage year-long with pioneering technology experts, luminaries from academia, visionary leaders, policy makers, government representatives, NGO representatives, economists, sociologists, futurists.

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The broader community of DEC followers is addressed year-long with DEC media initiatives and is now contributing to the release of projects to be promoted via DEC's multi-channel platform:

  • 'DEC BLOGS' - the Blue Ocean Goals of our community: www.blueoceangoals.com;
  • 'DEC Voices 2019' - a series of video interviews about the era of AI;
  • 'DECzine' - a special insert encompassing articles contributed by DEC Community members and published in the official print publication Sustainable Development.

DEC  initiatives are supported by the Sustainability Summit Special Interest Working Groups.

Gallery of testimonials of Wise Media's call to action:

The European Commission encouraged us to develop an open debate on how the advent of artificial intelligence will transform society:

The Deputy Commander of the NATO Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps in Lille tells us that international peace forces can embrace a proactive approach thanks to AI:

Senior researcher from CERN, where the Nobel-winning theory of the Higgs Boson was experimentally validated, says AI transforms scientific research at its roots:

The former Minister of Energy in the UK invites us to turn to AI to address the growing threats of man-made climate change:

UN Broadband Commissioner Advocate and Former Minister of Telecommunications and Culture in Finland encourages us to turn to AI to empower education systems:


HealthTech, Manufacturing, Finance Transparency Forum: focus sessions 2019

DEC illustrates best practices to foster vibrant and sustainable development, focusing on disruptive technologies and reminding the world that knowledge-sharing, global cooperation and multilateralism boost development in all key sectors, from Education to Healthcare, from Mobility to Manufacturing, from Supply Chains to Citizen-Centric Services.


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